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Promotion 2014 English


Limited Time Promotion Starts Now !

Feb.15, 2014 - Jun. 30, 2014

In order for everyone to get to know our dental office, we are now holding an amazing promotion to all new student patients !!!

During the promotion period, if you are a new patient, you will enjoy the following 3 benefits:

1. For teeth cleaning and check up, we pay the difference between the Ontario fee guide and the Ins coverage, and we accept Ins check. No money from your pocket. (Click here to check student plan details)
2. A 8G flash disk as a gift for all new patients

3. An iPad Mini will be given to one of our new patients through monthly lucky draw!
(High chance to win, and monthly results are posted as below)

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List of iPad Mini Winners


 June Winner:          Khaled Younes

                                  2nd Year Undergraduate student

                                  Mechanical Engineering

                                  University of Waterloo

Date:                       July 15, 2014



     May Winner:          Jiajie Wang

                                      Undergraduate student

                                      Major in Finance                                          

                                      Wilfrid Laurier University

     Date:                      June 5, 2014 



     April Winner:          Diana Askhatova

                                      Second year undergraduate student

                                      Nanotechnology Engineering

                                      University of Waterloo

     Date:                      May 5, 2014 



     March Winner:       Ms. Zhang (Cindy Zhang)

                                      Third year undergraduate student

                                      Mechanical Engineering

                                      University of Waterloo

     Date:                      April 3, 2014 



     February Winner:   Mr. Li (Yunhan Li)

                                      Nanotechnology PhD candidate

                                      Department of Systems Design Engineering

                                      University of Waterloo

     Date:                      March 5, 2014



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