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GSA - Wilfrid Laurier University

Graduate Students' Association

Wilfrid Laurier University


 Insured Portion

(Any Dentist)

Studentcare Dental

Network Reduction

Total Coverage:

Insurance + Network Reduction



Preventive Services

recall exam1, cleanings1, root planning2

 70% +30% 100% 0%

Basic Services

fillings3endodontics, periodontics, 

 70% +20% 90% 10%

Major Restorative

crowns, bridges, posts

 Not covered
 +20% 20% 80%
 Annual Maximum
 $500 per policy year (Sept. 01 ~ Aug. 31)
 Insurance Company
 Sun Life


1 Recall exams, cleaning/plishing, bitewing x-rays, oral hygiene instruction, and the application of fluoride are covered once per 12 months.     Scaling is covered up to maximum of 2 units per policy year. A complete exam (sometimes called a new patient exam) is covered once per 36 months.

2 Root planing is covered up to 8 units per policy year.

3 Fillings in amalgam (metal) are covered for all teeth. Composite (White) fillings are covered for the front teeth and pre-molars only. If the student chooses to have the back (posterior) teeth filled in composite, the claim will be reimbursed according to the amalgam fee.

4 For other service of discount, please contact office for detail.




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